Wipro India Invites application for Domain Architect

Organization: Wipro India

Position: Domain Architect

Job Id: 2887866
Date Posted:  July 13, 2022
Mandatory Skills:
  • Strong experience in architecting and development of ML, NLP based projects is a must
  • Strong track record of ML led solution development from scratch
  • Solid hands-on experience as Python Developer (very strong Python credentials only apply)
  • Strong experience of custom Entity Recognition, custom embeddings, transformer models like BERT, GPT, T5 etc.
  • Experience on Question Answering systems, text summarization, knowledge graphs is must
  • Hands on experience working on noisy text like OCR, Speech to Text, Scene text
    Experience working on language detection, mix languages would be added advantage.
  • Should have created/worked on data labelling tools, frameworks, and strategies.
    Hands-on experience using ML frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch, MxNET, Caffe and Keras.
  • Use of Spacy, NLTK, Gloves, RegEx etc is expected as well.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience to develop & deploy production grade NLP & ML models is a must.
  • Experience of using/customizing cloud providers AI/ML services
  • Strong track record of customer engagements and requirement creation.
  • Team Leading capabilities
  • Proven effective oral & written communication skills
  • Experience in Agile based development methodology
  • Experience in leading Customer interactions
  • Knowledge of distributed training for large models will be an added advantage
  • Experience of model performance optimization frameworks like OpenVINO, ONNX, TensorRT is added advantage.
  • Papers in high tier conferences/journals is an advantage

Job Description / Roles & Responsibilities (in Detail): 

This job requires candidates to lead the design & development of Natural Language Processing(NLP) based cognitive pipelines. The candidate will be responsible for creating & managing the NLP pipelines for multiple solutions. He/She is responsible for designing requirement specific text processing implementations using micro-services architecture. Candidate is expected to explore & implement latest technologies & algorithms wherever applicable. Candidate will also be responsible for creating architecture & design documents. Responsibility also involves creating highly optimized & scalable ML modules using NLP and rule-based pipelines.

Experience: 9-13 years

Job Location:  Pune, Benguluru, Chennai

Application link: 


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